Dentalbag allows you to organize meticulously and ergonomically, you will be able to keep everything always within reach, eliminating the risk of forgetting anything.

The project

Dentalbag is the result of an idea of an orthodontist, who needed to carry all her instruments with her for her consults. Tired of trolleys and bags, which were both unsuitable and unprofessional, she felt the desire to design something customized to her needs.

Professional designed

With an elegant color and a minimal design, dentalbag is perfect tool to measure up with your professionalism.

Organize the space

You can organize the internal space by removing the drawers or the containers to make room for bulkier objects.

Save time

You will have more time with your patients…and for yourself! You will always know where you put your instruments, which will make you save time and be more efficient.

Safe and resistant

It is designed to resist accidental impacts and heavy rain. Thanks to its external covering all your instruments and tools will be safe.


Dentalbag is a professional trolley designed for the dentistry field, allowing to organize all the instruments and tools meticulously and ergonomically. It is composed of two parts: a small bag with a comfortable shoulder strap and a more spacious trolley. The two elements can be combined and transported together.


The smaller bag has a removable pouch inside the superior portion, two drawers and a spare spacious area underneath. It can be transported with the shoulder strap or you can combine it with the trolley thanks to the attachment in the posterior part of the bag, which allows it to be secured to the handle of the trolley.

The trolley includes: a removable panel with elastic straps in the superior portion, three removable and clear containers with zipper in the superior drawer; eight removable drawers in the inferior part; a pouch for documents, x-rays, tablet or pc in the upper inferior area. Lastly, there are two zipped pockets, one on each side. The trolley has four wheels and a robust handle, making it ideal for traveling comfortably and easily.


Dentalbag allows you to transport all your instruments and tools protecting everything from impacts and heavy rain too, thanks to its waterproof covering.


Dimensions: Small bag 40 x 28 x 20 cm – Trolley 40 x 28 x 42 cm